Root and Unroot Galaxy Note 2 N7100 Using Exynosabuse (Tutorial)

root unroot Note 2

In past few days the news on Android venerability has increased.  The venerability is affecting the Exynos devices mainly by installing apps that gain root access with user permission. Fret not as developer, Chainfire has made Exynos Abuse app that basically unroot and root Galaxy Note 2 device easily. The more important fact is that it kills all the dangerous vulnerability at once and makes system clean. If your phone has got attacked by this vulnerability then fix the firmware problem by following this article.

Caution: To download this Exynos Abuse APK you must know that you have been attacked by knowing by yourself.  Apply this on model GT N7100 and required only basic stuffs. If any this happens wrong which probably will not, is not Blogzaman’s responsibility. First read out the information given and then apply on your Galaxy Note 2.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100
  2. Computer (Windows XP or Windows 7)
  3. Original USB Cable
  4. Backup all the personal data such as SMS, MMS, videos, music, apps, contacts, messages, apps etc using backup apps
  5. Make sure the device has much power to perform the task otherwise the device may shut down in the middle of the procedure
  6. Enable the USB Debugging in development option in settings i.e. settings>application>development and tick the USB Debugging box and do not forget to untick the box when updation is finished
  7. Uninstall the antivirus app from mobile and disable the same in computer to avoid interruption


  • ES File Explorer File Manage app in Phone
  • Exynos Abuse APK

Procedure to root using Exynos Abuse

  1. First make sure you have fulfilled the requirement and then jump to next step.
  2. Now copy the apk file in the SD card by using the USB cable to attach the device to computer and copy-paste the file in the root of the SD card.
  3. Now detach the cable and open the ES File Manager and locate the Exynos Abuse APK.
  4. Now then install the Exynos Abuse app and launch it as soon to select the option “Root Device” to install the SuperSU. In case it asks permission then grant it.
  5. Well, your Note 2 is rooted and select “Disable Exploit” and “Disable Eploit on Boot” for security reasons.
  6. Open the SuperSU and update the binary.

Procedure to Unroot using Exynos Abuse

  1. Following the above procedure, again launch the Exynos Abuse app and uncheck the “Disable Exploit”, “Disable Exploit on Boot” and “Unroot Device”.
  2. Now switch off the phone and turn it on and leave it for 15 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 is now rooted and unrooted when you feel like by Exynos Abuse app. This is the only solution we found against vulnerability. Stay tuned to Blogzamana for more updates, rooting, tweaks, tips, software upgrade, apps and news related to android. And do not forget to like the Google+ and Facebook if you like our tutorial.

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