DeX is what these days’ tech lovers are carving for and if you owe a Galaxy S9+ series then you can afford a DeX soon. The Samsung Galaxy Experience 10 beta support Galaxy S9 and S9+ and is sooner to support DeX mode without a dock. Yes, that’s through a USB-C to HDMI adapter.

According to XDA developer, recently the upcoming Android Pie and Samsung Experience 10 update for the device is powered by desktop mode without the dock. With a cable that to multipurpose connection would reduce the difficulty to entry features. An 84.99 dollar DeX Pad and 149.99 dollar DeX Dock is available in Samsung website, if you are completely aware of using it then a 20 dollar USB Type-C to HDMI adapter will save your money.

However, there are users who are upto serious doings can go with the docks as it holds a USB and Ethernet ports for full desktop experience and open upto 20 windows all together. Meanwhile users can charge their phones also. At present, Galaxy Note9, Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Tab 4 have the DeX support to connect monitor without dock.

Samsung DeX Pad and Dex Station was available for Galaxy Note 9 and so as the Galaxy S8 with a round dock, for now Galaxy S9+ will use the same to allow users to use phones as a computer. The station completes with an Ethernet cable, HDMI cable and USB device connectivity that replacing a Bluetooth mouse and a keyboard. So, you need not to bother about the additional device. While the Samsung Galaxy S9 initiated for public, Samsung as well as introduced the Samsung DeX Pad with USB ports and an HDMI port for connectivity. This would serve as its personal track pad and keyboard to ease up the ports for USB devices. Not to worry as on screen of your monitor, a track pad and keyboard will appear which will allow 5 windows instead of 20 that are part of DeX with hardware. Both the Samsung Galaxy S9+and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have same hardware but different from RAM size which is bit expensive.

It is rumored that the smaller variant of Galaxy S9+ will have DeX over HDMI support. Previously the company has given the Scene Optimizer and only just brought up latest features to stacks of their devices. The older Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Note 8 have all features like Super Slow Mo and AR Emojis, though Super Slow Mo on these devices is limited to 480fps. Hats off to the manufacturer for accumulating new features to their older devices. These all have the latest beta builds from firmware. Samsung sooner to launch their official beta program and we are looking out for that.

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