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Sony’s Portable AC is smaller than Mobile, Can Fit into Your Clothes easily

Now it’s time to rejoice. Sony invents a decent way to keep you cool all the time. If you have become tired with your wall, stand or split AC and want to get the coolness everywhere, then good news for you. Electronic product manufacturer Sony has just of late launched a portable AC which is even smaller than Mobile. The company has named this portable AC as Reon Pocket which can easily fit into your clothes.

To release cold wave, the AC has a panel and because this AC functions through battery, so its temperature can be controlled via your Smartphone. This portable AC of Sony can run up to 90 minutes continuiously until it asks for rechrging. For complete charging it takes around 90 minutes.

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Sony claims that it has prepared the AC using Peltier Elements which instantly gets cooled and heated. To explain on the Peltier Elements, it’s used for car coolers. Sony has developed this product under a crowdfunding project.

This portable AC from Sony is also affordable as it costs only 14,080 yen i.e 8,992.61 in INR. This portable AC can be fitted into S, L and M structured clothes. However, this AC at this moment is available only for the Men and is available only in the Japanese market. The AC has Bluetooth 5.0 support and it’s assumed to be launched in the other corners of the globe soon.

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