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Swifftkey Keyboard: The Latest Version of Android Keyboards

swiftkey 4

Swiftkey keyboard is the best selling keyboard by Android. It is ideal with texting. The latest version of swiftkey supports android 4.1. and it’s made for both tablet and mobile phones. The keyboard supports Google’s 7-inch screen and is comparatively better than the jelly bean keyboard. It’s easier to add words, delete stuffs and carry out other chores with this keyboard and its layout is also good. It looks way better than stock keyboards. Predictions are far better than android stock keyboard and the default theme fits ICS. It has been better designed for thumb typing.

It supports 60 languages including sets of non Latin characters. It lets you swipe from letter to letter to complete the words for typing. For typing long phrases and sentences you need to have an absolute knowledge of keyboard, but swiftkey provides a much easy texture for typing. Swiftkey is one step further than auto complete. It provides three slots of prediction above the keyboard and center is most correct accordingly. Its prediction is surprisingly correct and better than autocorrect even. So, it’s your job to pick the correct words from the prediction before typing. It changes according to the way you type.

When you first use the swift key it uses the default database. The more you use it gives much more accurate predictions. Most useful feature of swift key is the smart space which tells you to accidentally omit or screw up spaces while typing. You can write a whole sentence without using spaces and it is autocorrected. Swipe has become most popular these days. So by using swiftkey it lets you swipe and type by dragging different the options. It lets you type more words without lifting your finger. It ignores password functions, so the user can delete specific suggestions. When you first access swiftkey it lets you access to Google account, Facebook and twitter. This process is entirely optional.

The settings of swiftkey are much more comprehensive and having a good range of customization. The latest generations of swiftkey are swiftkey 3 and 4 which come enhanced with some extra features. Swiftkey 4 introduces support for swiftkey flow which provides powerful input technology for tracing words and phrases on a touchscreen. It has mind reading capabilities of personalized prediction with speed and style of your finger gliding. For heavy texter and messenger, swiftkey is one of the best options. It has bit larger keys than other type of keys which gives more accurate hitting feature of the keys and minimizes the room for error. The typing speed is much faster than any other types of keyboard.

Swiftkey is one of the few apps which let you take full advantage of android. It has smart design, powerful engine and smart array of options. It is the perfect mobile keyboard for usage, you might have ever seen. The prediction options and various language support make it the best. So, it’s time to make your android typing experience smoother and efficient with the Swiftkey keyboar. Just make use of the same and let’s know how it works!

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