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CSR Racing: The Best Car Racing Game

csr racing

CSR Racing is one of the free android applications. It’s a street drag racing from need to speed underground the context. There is a bunch of racing options and you have to choose one of them. The graphics in this application is good. So you can play this game as it is free and a good car racing game. This game is super simple to play.

This game has five different tiers to play. Once the car and race is chosen then the car comes to the race track. As the countdown starts you have to tap the accelerator constantly for increasing speed and a better start. After the race starts you have to tap to change the gear for a smooth and better ride. If the car makes enough money then it can buy some nitro by which speed increases rapidly and gives your racing an extra boost. A typical race is of 20 seconds and the car moves down in one direction. It’s a pretty simple concept for a car race. You can kill some time by adding nitro. By winning the races money and gold is earned by which you have to buy paint for your existing car and you can buy some new cars also.

Car repairing, paintings, tune ups and upgrading costs money and sometimes it costs gold. So money can be made by winning races and so as gold. It takes much time to win the races. There will be continuously bombarding characters which will ask you to buy new cars that can possibly be afforded to buy tiers or to buy other parts which can make the race smooth. The options of winning races is pretty less. You can only race certain times before it is forced to wait for many times. Every race needs some gas as fuel. Once the gas gets empty you have to wait to fill up the gas again. Money can only be spent for some parts of the car. If you post the scores and tweet about it then only you win some gold.

This game is not of fast and furious kind. This is not a traditional game and it is just a rhythmical. Simple controlling features of this game favors all sorts of game lovers to enter its realm. It strongly delivers the real car racing culture. Money is only spent in some essential parts so there is no option for improvement in racing. You can win by spending money and gold. Each full tank of gas costs ten unit or by inviting friends from Facebook petrol can be filled. This game often does not find the right gear. This game is a good fun which can never be avoided. It is full of thrill and challenge. The graphics and presentation is really of high quality. Features are also good. It’s definitely worth playing.

Then what to wait for? If you are an android lover and possess an Android mobile, smartphone or tablet then download this game and start your racing ventures right now.

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