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The Android Fanatics still crave for these Four iOS Features

android vs iOS

The two biggest techno giants in the world, Google and Apple always grab limelight for being the two biggest contenders across the globe. Though cold war always goes in between the two companies, till date it’s hard to say who is gonna win the race! What the reports convey, Google is now in the front line of the competition with around 25% installation on active devices. But reports in August last year conveyed that iOS was on a win win situation with iOS 12 being installed on 50 percent of active iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices.

Now question arises what’s so special with iOS 12 that paved its way to success. It’s in fact the performance enhancement actually makes your iOS device faster than ever before. The iOS 12 even works magnificently in older iPhones like Phone 6 or iPhone 6s. Of course iOS might not be as dynamic as Android when matter comes to customization, but still some areas are there in which iPhones are the best till date and they are much better and smarter. Now here we have a list of the features that still insists the Android users to feel jealous of iOS and iPhones. Let’s have a look on those.

iphone scroll to top

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Scroll to Top

All of you must have marked this feature in your iPhone if you have one. This is one of the simplest and coolest features ever. This is the feature that allows you to move to the top of your Smartphone screen with a single tap on the status bar. This feature is integrated in iPhone from day one is a standard feature for all new iPhones this date.

As per reports, the Android lovers also going to get an equivalent feature soon. Google is said to be working on a feature which will allow the users to quickly reach the top of their display on just a click. But it’s yet not known when this feature is going to hit the Android devices. Reports claim that this feature will come in-built in Android 10 which is scheduled for this year launch.



iMessage itself is a unique feature for the iOS users which helps the Apples devices to exchange text messages. This feature has been very useful and trustful for the iOS and Mac users for years altogether as the best alternative to the standard messaging app.

According to reports, iMessage is one of the most popular messaging apps in the market with more than a billion users and it’s a confirmd selling point for the iOS devices. In 2016, though it’s rumoured that iOS was planning to bring its IMessage platform to Android via the WWDC event, but it was no where to be found.

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In fact the iMessage is much more fine tuned thann before and the iMessage with iOS 12 has got all new Memoji, a feature that allows the users to build their own avatars. With the Memoji, users can also choose their own skin, hair, eyes, lips, and accessories. Google is said to be working on a similar feature for the Android devices and it might also be launched with Android 10.

iOS update

Official Update on Time

Apple ensures to send timely updates to its iOS devices and every year a new update is pushed with bug fixes,  lots of features and enhancements. The previous year, Apple pushed the iOS 12 update over iOS 11. Though it was not a major update, but lots of new features were marked in the update.

However, one new software update for the Android devices are  also expected. But Google generally keeps it restricted to new devices. All the new updates are also bestwoed to the Google Pixel and Android One devices.

restore iphone backups

Backup and Restore

iCloud and iTunes are the best backup sources for the Apple devices. You can easily recover your Smartphone data from these sources if anything by chance goes wrong with your iPhone. Hence, it’s also a prime feature of iOS that the Android fanatics crave for.

Google also has an equal feature for backup purposes. But interestingly it doesn’t work properly in all devices. Accodring to sources, Google is working on a new built-in backup app which might be launched with Android 10. But it’s yet unkown when Google is going to push the Android 10 update.

These are the best four iOS features that the Android lovers also crave for. So it’s to be seen when these features will make way to Android devices.


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