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This Scooter will run 180 km on single charge, can be managed from Android App

Okinawa i-Praise

After a prolonged wait, electric scooter manufacturing company Okinawa has finally launched its much awaited first scooter i-Praise. Previous year, the company had started booking for the scooter at Rs.5000 and in just 15 days more than 450 scooters got booked. The scooter can run 180 kilometres in single charge.

In the first segment of sell Okinawa haslaunched jus five hundred scooters and interestingly the Indian Navy has stood to be the first customer. Speciality of the Okinawa i-Praise scooter is that it is powered by a detachable lithiom battery which can be taken out of the scooter and can be charged anywhere.

Okinawa has launched the i-Series scooter glassy red black, glassy gold black and glassy silver black color variants. The lithiom battery is packed with a 5Amp battery. But it’s yet not revealed how much time the battery will take for full charging. But the reports convey that the battery will take around 2 to 3 hrs for complete charging.

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The company has made the Okinawa i-Praise available at a price tag of 1.15 lakh (Ex-showroom) and also has developed a special app named Okinawa Eco for it which can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store. The App includes many special fetures such as Jio Facing, Virtual Speed Limit, Battery Health Tracker, SOS notification, Monitoring, Trips, Direction, Maintainance, Wheel status etc.

Users can set a ditance range of 50 metre to 10km using the Jio Facing app for the vehicle. Once the Scooter crosses the set range, the app will start alaraming. The Virtual Speed Limit will alert the rider while driving in more than a set safety speed and the SOS feature will start sending auto messages and mails to the contact numbers in emergency. The Monitoring feature will keep guard on rider breaking, acceleration, turns and speed of the bike.


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