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Now get Electric Bill on WhatsApp

If you don’t get your elctric bill on time or face issues in generating the same, then we have pretty good news for you. Guess what! Now you can get the electric bill on WhatsApp. This facility at this moment is only available for the users in some parts of Delhi. However, it’s assumed that the facility will also be avialble for the consumers in rest of the country soon. Let’s know in detail.

Delhi Electricity Distribution Company (discom) of late revealed that it will send a duplicate bill of electric bill to the consumers in their WhatsApp number. Before this the company also had facilitated the consumers to generate their bill from the company website and mobile app.

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For this new WhatsApp service the company (BSES) has introduced a new mobile number i.e. 9999919123 . The cunsumers must save this number before use. Once saved, to get a duplicate copy of your electric bill, they have to type #Bill and type the 9 digit Customer Number without any space and send it to the above given mobile number. The final message for instance will be #Bill123456789.

Just after few minutes of sending this message, the custoomers will get a duplicate copy of their electric bill. But again we must remind you that at this moment this facility is available only for the consumers in South and West Delhi.

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