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Tips to Get Approved with a Google Adsense Account

Getting approved with an Adsense account is no more a game of the Jack. Once a time Bloggers with little content and less traffic were able to get approved easily with Adsense account. But the trend is no more since lots of bloggers who are desperate to make blogging a career are not approved with by Adsense. Reason is many, but array of solutions are there. Google this day has become more stringent in its regulations. But taking care of few little things can bring you the opportunity to have an Adsense Account of your own. Let’s have a look on some specified criteria.

Google Adsense

By the way, there are lots of criteria that a Newbie must follow while beginning his carrier as a blogger. As a first step he must go through the detailed Adsense program Policies Page, where he can have an overall idea on what Google demands from a blogger to approve him with an Adsense Publisher’s account. Since Google takes its Privacy Policy seriously, so no blogger should try to play with it. But what I realized from my personal experience, little awareness can make you the proud owner of an Adsense account. Let’s see how.

Tips to Get Approved with Adsense

  • First of all, keep your content rich enough to meet the readers’ criteria and at remember no copy paste. Since Google prioritizes sites specifically targeted to readers and not for Add revenue, so always keep your content original and read worthy. Sometimes also images come under copyright policy. So, it’s better if you avoid picking images from others’ stuff.
  • The second important fact is the look of your website. Your website should be neat and clean enough even for the beginners to browse through. Sometimes, we notice sites with rich content but jumbled up layout that creates hindrances for the users to reach easily navigate through varied pages of your website. That might be a barrier on your path to Adsense.
  • Third important thing is the theme factor. Themes play a vital role in getting approved with an Adsense account. From my personal experience what I realized, certain themes (for WordPress Users basically) though look good in outlook, yet is not suitable for your need. Always choose a theme that’s quite simple in look and permits you to use all its features. You can even use many free themes found in the WordPress database.
  • Certain pages like About Us/Website, Contact, Privacy Policy & Archives is a must for your Web blog. Ensure that you have all these pages in your website before you apply for Adsense.
  • Traffic of course matters, though not much. But in many cases I have seen people getting approved with Adsense even with very low traffic like less than 100. But applying for Adsense with a minimum of 300-400 daily visits will be worthy of consideration.
  • Another important think is back linking. Keep avoid linking your website to any malware, adult or illegal sites. Also never give any misguiding or malware download link in your website.
  • Often I have heard that you must not apply for Adsense with any existing Ad Networks on your website. Though in some cases the idea has been found wrong, but it’s quite apt from safety point of view. So try avoiding existing adds while applying for Adsense.
  • Are you using any blackheart SEO technique for increasing traffic or building links to your website? Then now time has come to avoid this since Google is sole against of it. Sites implementing these methods to encourage traffic will not be given preference by Google. So, keep avoiding this.
  • Never forget to give credit to the source site from where you pick your content. This generosity will be well appraised by Adsense.

I know Adsense is no more an unfamiliar term for internet surfers and many people are already leading a luxurious life out of it. But still many bloggers are there who die for an Adsense account and yet not been approved. I think these said tips will definitely help them a lot to achieve their target. This is what I describe from my personal experience and hence expect that you can also get approved with an Adsense account just by following the said steps.

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