Install Windows 8 in Virtual Box


VirtualBox is virtualization software that lets you to run other OS like Windows, Linux, BSD, OS/2 and Solaris on your computer. The article will provide a step by step procedure to install Windows 8 on VirtualBox. But before you start make sure that your processor supports virtualization and it is enabled in your computer.

First download VirtualBox and Windows 8.

  1. open virtual box and select new
  2. Give a name to your virtual Machine and select Microsoft Windows as the operating system and Windows 8 as the version.
  3. Select how much memory you want to dedicate to your Windows 8 virtual machine. It is recommend to allocate at least 1GB memory if you are installing Windows 8 32-bit, and at least 3GB memory for 64-bit version, then click next.
  4. VirtualBox provides options to either create a new hard disk or use an existing hard disk as a Start-up Disk. Select the default option Create new hard disk and click next
  5. In this step you will see 4 options. Leave it as default VDI (Virtual Disk Image) and click next.
  6. You can select Fixed size or Dynamically allocated option. If you choose fixed size virtual disk the process will be lengthy, but it is faster to use.
  7. VirtualBox allocates 20GB hard disk space for new machine ( but you can increase or decrease this amount), then click on next.
  8. A quick summary of the settings will be appeared in the screen, click on create to start creating virtual disk file.
  9. The process will take some time, when it is completed click Create
    You will go back to the main interface where the Virtual machine will be ready.
  10. Right-click the Windows 8 virtual machine and select Settings
  11. Go to the System section and select Enable IO APIC from Extended Features
  12. Go to Processor tab and select Enable PAE/NX
  13. Go to Acceleration tab then select Enable-VT-x/AMD-v and Enable Nested Paging.
    (you can’t access Acceleration tab, if your processor does not support virtualization)
  14. Go to storage section and click the CD icon next to CD/DVD Drive.
    Select the Windows 8 ISO file and click Open.
  15. Now you can see Windows 8 Installation screen, follow the on-screen instructions.
  16. When the installation will be completed, you would see the new Metro interface of Windows 8.
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