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Top free photo editing apps for your smartphone

Now you can edit your photos and give a professional touch to them on your smartphone. There are many photography apps available for your smart phone, which are absolutely free of cost. Below here are the Top free apps available for your smartphone.


Is a very popular app .It is very fast and easy to use photo editing app. It is available for android, Iphone and windows. It is not so good for advanced users but it can be used for some basic editing .The filters available in the Instagram are not so good compared to ones in other apps. It is also world’s most popular photo community.

2.VSCO Cam

It is an advanced photo editing app available for iOS and Android. The VSCO Cam has good collection of free filters. VSCO Cam’s editing tools include brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, crop, rotate, sharpness, highlights, shadows, among a few others. We can see that it has got enough tools for professional photo editing. The app is great for advanced editing, this app relies on code numbers and icons instead of words, so it may be a problem for the beginners to understand.

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3. Snapseed

It’s a very good app for the beginners and also for advanced users. It is very easy to access all the tools. Snapseed has the selective adjust feature which would help you to edit a specific part of the picture leaving the other part unaffected. It has got filters like the grunge, retrolux, black and white, drama, vintage etc. When you select manual tuning and swipe upwards or downwards you get different options for adjusting contrast, saturation, sharpness etc. You can select any one and swipe towards right to increase the value and swipe back opposite to decrease.

4.Pixlr express

It’s a very handy app. It can be used to remove unwanted marks and spots from the photos. It is a great app when you want to correct your image. It is available for ios and android. It is handy and hassle free, you can get touch ups for your photos quickly. It has some good effects for application like pencil, poster, sketch, halftone etc

5.Photo editor by aviary

This is basic photo editing app. It has filters, effects, crop, rotate etc. You can add stickers, sketches and drawings to your photos and make your art piece. It does not have any advanced options for use. It is getting regular updates for android and iphone but not for the windows which is disappointing.

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6. Photo Studio

Photo Studio is a free photo editing app for Blackberry 10 and it is also available for android. It is simple to use, you can make collages, apply sketches, frames and effects to the pictures. You can correct RGB levels and it also has a good set of filters for use. But there are no more advance editing tools.


It is available for android and ios. Repix has basic editing tools like brightness, contrast, saturation adjustments. It has some nice filters and effects like poster and flares. Additional advanced filters and effects have to be purchased.


Flickr has advanced tools for editing .It has very good filters for application. Flickr is better than instagram but the flickr app for windows phone is not so good as compared to that for android and ios phones. It is also a very popular photographers’ community.

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