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Use Easy DND to manage Your Do Not Disturb Settings

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Android is undoubtedly a best Operating System to provide users with the best DND (Do Not Disturb) Settings for different alerts. These DND is in-built in the OS and hence conviniently the users cann take benifit of this. But at times the built-in DND doesn’t seem to be sufficient as it’s set up hurriedly and most of the time it don’t include the most accsible featurs. In such circumstances, you might badly search for an alternation.

And you would be happy to know that recognized XDA Contributor  StrangerWeather has brought you an easy DND app which aims at making your DND task all the way user-friendly and capable of access in ease. The app is named as Easy DND and might bag accolades for its user-friendliness. This makes the app easily accessible for the newbies too. The App helps you get control over almost all DO Not Disturb settings from the homescreen of your handset including including settings for priority notifications, starred contacts, and others.

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While the Easy DND is designed for Android Pie and above, the app let’s you toggle the following settings.

Full Do Not Disturb – with no interruptions at all
Priority Only
All Phone Calls
Starred Contacts Only – for your preferred contacts
Repeat Callers
Contacts Only
Media Sounds
Touch Sounds
Advanced Settings

This app is completely hassale free and is just a tap away to make ON or OFF. While this much Settings is added still now the contributor is still accepting request for features and hence you can add your own too.


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