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Tutorial to Update Galaxy S II GT I9100 with Pure Look S3 XWLPG firmware

Galaxy S II updation

Want to get Galaxy S3 look on Samsung Galaxy S II? Yes, then by applying Custom ROM called Pure Look S3, you can change the user interface of the model. The model we are talking about is GT-I9100 or any other. Check the model number by settings>about phone. This custom ROM is dubbed as XWLPG and has many features. That includes battery saving tweak for wifi, Dalvik VM 180MB size modified and UI rendering with GPU. Plus market connection speed fixed, Sensor Screen Delay off, increased volume for incoming calls disabled and many more.

Well, to get the update the user has to root its Galaxy S II phone. Rooting the Android smartphone will lose warranty. If the custom ROM is not successful in flashing inside your phone then Blogzamana will not be responsible for it. Anyways jump over to know the procedure and the requirements.


  • Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 rooted
  • Windows PC (Windows XP or Windows 7)
  • Original USB cable
  • Back up all the personal data using backup app, it will include SMS, MMS, videos, music, contacts, call logs, applications and other files
  • Make sure the device battery is upto 60% otherwise it will stop in the middle of the procedure
  • Uninstall the antivirus program in phone and then later install it
  • Enable the USB Debugging from development option in settings. Actually by settings>applications>development and tick the box and do not forget to untick later because for security problem


  • Pure Look S3 custom ROM firmware pack (https://sourceforge.net/projects/romasv1/files/_purelook%20S3%20v3.1.1%20final%20XWLPG.zip/download)

Procedure to Flash the Pure Look S3 Custom ROM in Galaxy S2

  1. You must make sure the phone has enough battery to sustain the updation procedure. Then clean the cache. To do that switch off the phone power and then press all together the three buttons, VOLUME UP KEY+ MIDDLE BUTTON+ POWER BUTTON. Then release the fingers when the Samsung LOGO appears on screen. After that select the wipe cache partition and wipe data factory/reset. Then reboot the device by selecting reboot system now. Cleaning of cache is very necessary because when you try to overload the system with other custom ROM, the phone system could not recognize the ROM you are putting on. After cleaning it the temporary files get deleted and the for the new one the space is been created.
  2. Now download the nature inspired custom ROM dubbed XWLPG in your computer from here. Do not unzip the file because it won’t get detected in recovery mode. Then take the zip file and place in the SD card of your phone. To do that plugin the USB cable and place the zip file in root.  Make sure you haven’t placed the file in any sub folder or anywhere else because it won’t get detected by the device in recovery mode. Then unplug the cable and switch off the device power.
  3. Again boot the device in recovery mode (VOLUME UP KEY+ MIDDLE BUTTON+ POWER BUTTON) and select the option install zip from SD card and choose the zip from SD card. Choose the zip file you placed earlier in above step. Select it with power button. Flash the zip file and that will take around 2 minutes.
  4. After that select reboot system now to boot the Galaxy S2 in normal mode. Booting into normal mode will take around 3-4 minutes, so be patience. Then check the firmware by settings> about phone and scroll down to see the firmware.

Congratulations, you have learned the procedure to update the device with Pure Look S3 custom ROM firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100. Stay tuned to Blogzamana for more custom ROMs flashing on different models.

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