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Samsung Galaxy S IV to launch with just two colors!

Samsung Galaxy S IV

The much hyped Samsung Galaxy S IV has always been in news for different reasons.  Of late, one more information has been added to the row by a reasonable source i.e. Sammobile’s Samsung insiders. The information reveals that the South Korean tech giant plans to release its latest flagship Galaxy S IV with just two colors i.e. black and white.

If the deal turns real, then the next Galaxy version (Galaxy S IV) will keep away from the current trend of colorful devices. Finish manufacturer Nokia stays at the top of the stack for making colorful devices with ample of color options. Sony has also joined the trend with its recent Xperia Z and ZL. The Taiwanese leading manufacturer HTC is also inclining these days towards the trend for its Windows Phone 8 handsets.

The information further adds that the square edges will be retained with the flagship model. If the device releases with just black and white colour options with square edge, then of course it’s going to have a different outlook in comparison to the Galaxy S3. It’s here to mention that the S4’s predecessor was released in brown, red, grey and black colors. Then it’s to be seen now with what color options exactly the upcoming device of Samsung will hit  the floors!

However, Samsung has yet not discarded the absolute design of the upcoming Galaxy series. It’s heard that Mobile Fun has got its hands on some plastic cases for the latest flagship. To say more on the design of the latest flagship, it is going to have a comparatively angular design. So it will be totally different from the curvier corners of the Galaxy S3. However, it will have some resemblance with Galaxy S3 as well. It’s supposed that the snapper, LED flash and the speaker grille are going to be equivalent to that of Galaxy S3.

Overall, the device will look like a renovated model of Galaxy S3, but will have some better options. So stay tuned to BlogZamana to know what unique specs this upcoming device will come up with!

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