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Steps to Update Galaxy S3 I9300 Smartphone with Kitkat 4.4.2 based Crystal ROM

In my previous articles I informed you the steps to update the Fusion SP Custom RoMUltimaAOSP Custom ROM in your Galaxy S3 I9300 Smartphone and in this article of mine, I shall lead you through the step-by-step guide to update your Galaxy S3 I9300 handset with the recently released Kitkat 4.4.2 based Crystal ROM. As per the latest information, the Galaxy S3 I9300 Smartphone users now can update their handset with this recently released Custom ROM right now. This recently released Custom ROM will make your device a more worthy Galaxy handset with fixation of existing bugs, other features and more over your device will turn an assembled feature-eccentric device with all the worthy features of Samsung Galaxy ote 2 7 S5. But for applying the Custom ROM, your Galaxy S3 I9300 Smartphone must have been rooted before. 

Now let’s move to the steps that you must follow to flash this Custom ROM in your Galaxy S3 I9300 device. But before that you need to take a look on the pre-requirements dubbed essential for the flashing. 


Make sure to double check the Name and model number of your device before starting the installation since it’s only meant for the Galaxy S3 I9300 Smartphone. Using the process with other device might hard brick your device or create bugs in it. Since this is a third party ROM, so make sure that BlogZamana will not remain responsible for any sort of issues like Bugs, Brick of device or Dead SD Card, if your device experiences any during installation. What you do is on your own risk.  


  • One Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300. Ensure that your device has been both rooted.
  • Original Data Cable
  • One PC preloaded with Galaxy S3 I9300 drivers. Else at first download and install the drivers on your PC from Samsung’s official website.
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode. You will find the option in the Developer Section of your device.
  • Back Up all important data in Android your device since the update process will erase all data.
  • Keep at least 60% to 70% battery back up in your Moto E Smartphone to avoid accidental shut down during installation.


Steps to Update

  • First of all download the Custom ROM Firmware to your PC and place those on the desktop.
  • No need of unzipping the file.
  • Now connect your Smartphone to your PC via USB Cable and move the .zip file to the SD Card of your phone. Unplug your device.
  • Now move your Smartphone into recovery mode. Do this first of all switch off your device and then press the Volume Up Key+Power Button+OK  simultaneously.
  • Now Wipe data and clear cache in recovery mode. For that select wipe data factory reset and then choose wipe cache partition.
  •  Now opt for advance and then select wipe dalvick cache.
  • Now return to the main menu in Recovery mode and select “install zip from SD card” and then “choose zip from SD card”. Choose the the custom ROM you placed earlier in your device and flash it .
  • The flashing will tale up to 4-5 minutes. Have patience still the whole process completes  successfully. Finally select “reboot system now” and now your device will be rebooted with the new OS.

In case your device stucks in bootloop sequence, then you have to turn off your device and begin the update from the first following the same steps. To turn off your device, reinsert your battery or long press the Power button.

Now you have successfully flashed the Kitkat 4.4.2 based Crystal ROM in your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300. In case you find any issues in the flashing process, feel free to get back to us for a solution via the comment section.

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