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What’s Gold Gifting Feature in Google Pay, How does It Work

In the beginning of this year, Google had announced that users can sell and purchase gold using Google Pay. For this, Google has partnered with the international metal and mining service provider MMTC-PAMP. Now the latest info reveals that users also can gift gold to their nearers and dearers via Google Pay. Just of late, Google has added this feature to GPay. For example, you can gift gold to someone on a special occasion.

According to a report from XDA Developers, this Gold gifting feature was marked in the v48.0.001_RC03 version of Google Pay, though it’s still under test. Once the test is successful, it will be made to public. However, Google has not confirmed anything about this feature, neither there is any official information about the release date of this feature.

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The Gold purchasing and selling feature was added by Google this year in April. With this feature, the Google Pay users can buy and sell 99.99 percent 24 carat gold. According to Google, gold is kept under the supervision of MMTC-PAMP in Secure Vaults and the price of gold is refreshed every minute in Google Pay. In such situation, anyone can buy and sell gold at any time.

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