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Airbus reveals the self-piloted aircraft Vahan

airbus vahan

With the growing demand for chartered planes in the present day era, everyone looks ahead to self-flying flights. Though it’s not possible for all to invest for purchasing a chartered, but now the concept of flying cars seems to have replaced the idea of chartered planes. Just recently, Airbus, the multinational aircraft manufacturing company has revealed the idea of its upcoming self-piloted taxi named Vahan. The aircraft is superficially designed to self detect the flying path and safeguard itself from obstacles and other aircrafts.

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The idea might seem bit hi-fi for a primary thought. But it’s true. Rather the manufacturer has already designed the blueprint of the flying taxi and has handed over the responsibility to A3, its Silicon Valley based aircraft group which smartly works on the aircraft and tries to make it more automated and machine monitored so that the man made mistakes can be avoided for safe flying. Vahan, the flying taxi will carry only a single passenger or cargo and introduction of the flight is to enable the urban airways in a controlled and predictable manner.

airbus vahan

Briefing on the upcoming flying taxi Vahan, CEO, A3 by Airbus Group Rodin Lyasoff said, “Our aircraft will follow predetermined flight paths, with only minor deviations if obstacle avoidance is needed. We believe this mode of operation will be compatible with future airspace management systems and will allow more aircraft to share the sky. Full automation also enables us to make our aircraft as small and light as possible, and will significantly reduce manufacturing costs.”

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The manufacturer aims at making the aircraft up and moving by the end of 2017 and hence have gathered experts in the mechanism that includes the areas manufacturing, vehicle autonomy, electric propulsion & aircraft certification. Significant progression is witnessed in the building of the aircraft as A3 has already completed the design of the aircraft, have developed important sub-systems and has tied knot with several external partners who will help in building the first prototype of the flying taxi, Vahan.

As expected, the first production unit of Vahan will be ready by 2020. So now we have nothing to do but wait still the first self-driven flight makes way into the market.

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