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Samsung joins hand with Mercedes-Benz to develop a digital car key

Samsung and Mercedes, both are leaders in their respective fields and these two giants have recently joined hands to develop a digital car key using which will a car can be locked, unlocked and started. The technology was showcased at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin yesterday. This new technology is capable enough to turn any NFC-enabled Galaxy handset into a ‘smart key’ using which the users can lock, unlock and start a car.

Now you might think that chances of stealing and robbery from cars might increase due to the introduction of “Smart-Key”. But Mercedes has also find out a solution to this issue. To prevent stealing from cars, Mercedes as planned to install tamper-proof NFC chip with an embedded Secure Element in the driver’s door handle which can only be opened with an authorized device.

This solution is much convenient, easy to use and reliable. It’s so because Mercedes-Benz provides the users an app and after one-time installation of the app on the Smartphone, users can lock, unlock, and start their car easily. The NFC technology will assist them in that. This app will also allow the users access their car even i their Smartphone is switched-off.

Here in this video, you can mark functionality of the new NFC-eSE technology.

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