All Europeans to blessed with free Wi-Fi, Faster Internet access and 5G

wifi 5g

Are you a resident of the European continent? Then you should cross fingers to get the benefit of free Wi-Fi, Faster Internet access and the superior 5G. Yes, all these benefits are coming your way. The EU has planned to wisely invest the $120 million grant and as a first step to this initiative, EU has decided to deploy free WiFi in every nook and corner of the continent by 2020, especially in the towns. Besides, it has decided that every European household by 2025 will be provided with the powerful 5G with a minimum internet download speed of at least 100 Mbps.

So is this not great to hear and proud to feel if you reside in an European continent? The  State of the Union has addressed this call and is now determined to equip every single European City and village with free wireless internet access. Motto of this venture (we call it a venture because it’s no less a risky activity in the limited time frame) that all should get benefited by this connectivity. And implementing 5G everywhere in the continent by 2025 is a tough task of course, but aims to create 2 million new jobs in the EU.

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Apart, the EU has decided to provide every single home in Europe with a super-fast broadband connection which is undoubtedly a great challenge to caricature. It’s so because as per the latest 2016 Digital reports, only 71% users of EU are by far using the next generation broadband service with the flexibility of 30+ MBPS. in such circumstances, the EU will have to work tough to materialize this dream.

But when we move to the technical prospects such as copyright and piracy issues, the proposal seems but more interesting. It’s so because EU has decided to empower journalists, publishers, and authors to strengthen the European Copyright Rules. Of course, it sounds good in normal viewpoint, but when it comes to practicality, things seem messy. It’s so because as per the new enforcement (if the change comes into force), then laws will be equivalent to Germany and Spain where Search Engines pay for showing article snippets. And undoubtedly, it will not go well with the Search Engines giants, specially Google. So this change will end creating issues for writers, publishers and authors as it will lead to snippets, fewer clicks, less traffic, and naturally, less money.

So what you think about this change? Is it something you will welcome in the European continent? Do you think still you can benefit with the new change? Definitely share your thought with us.

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