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Android A to Z Multi-Tasking

multitasking apps android

Multitasking is an advanced technology specifically used by Smartphones. It means switching between tasks. Multitasking on small devices is quite complex but Android aims to change it all with the new approach to multi-tasking. Android devices are meant for multi tasking. Some devices are even designed to launch a couple of apps or more at the same time.

Smartphones have been doing multi tasking since long. All the mobiles brands do it in their own way. Some of them suspend other apps in the background; some devices allow the app to close itself by saving some data and some others let every process run at the same time. Android allows threads and processes to run depending on their priority. If you want to run some process simultaneously, then it just processes in the background. If some applications are not being used, those can be killed, can be frozen or can be restored for further use.

Most important thing is decided when the application is written. It is an open source process so manufactures allocate memory in their own way. So you can start the same application where you have left it at anytime you want. Developers say that the functionality is much better and simple in Android devices. Paranoid android set things into overdrive with in-app, & multiple-window multi tasking. Samsung galaxy supports all these processes and applications.

Paranoid Android multiple window effects on both Nexus handset and Android handsets and tablets. Multitasking is a highly wanted feature. People now-a-days buy largely Samsung phones for this functionality and advanced feature. There is also sidebar multitasking. The user interface provides access to the app list, where the apps are selected to appear in the sidebar as well as at various customization options.

It allows users to switch between applications with a swipe from left to right on the device screen and brings up a vertical clock of selected apps. Once you trigger the app clock, it displays a vertically scrolling list of user defined applications. The transition effect of the clock can be enabled or disabled at any time. It’s flexible to disable itself while in landscape mode. Glovebox is one of the most advance sidebar technologies and is one of the best apps provided by android.

Android versions 1.6 and the newer ones support this application. It’s pleasant, simple and smooth in operation. This app is free in play store. These are few examples of multitasking provided by Android. From above we get to know that multitasking is one of the best and simple applications provided by android. So Android users can make use of this application and can see the difference of multitasking between other smartphones.

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