Apple adds some never seen before features in iOS17, check details

The 2023 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference marked announcement of an array of products and services including the unveiling of iOS 17 which is assumed to change the way people use their iPhones. The iOS 17 includes a host of new features that will not only enhance the security of your iPhones,  but will take the users’ experience to the next level. Here we have the top 10 features coming to the iPhones. Let’s have a look.

An all-new Journal App

Journaling, as it’s known is a great way to manipulate human thoughts and feelings to enhance their mental health. Though it’s a relic of the past, but Apple has tried to bring it to life through an all-new Journal App which intends to inspire a user’s journal entry through scheduled notifications and suggestions based on photos, people, places, workouts, and more.

Password and Passkeys sharing

With iOS17, now Apple allows users to share their passwords and passkeys with a trusted group of contacts. The sharing is protected through iCloud Keychain and is end-to-end encrypted. It allows everyone in the group to add and edit passwords.

AirTag Features

In iPhone, the AirTag feature allows users to keep track of an item in Find My. This feature can be shared with up to 5 people who can make a group and see an item’s location, play a sound or use precision finding to help pinpoint the location of a shared Airgtag when in nearby locations.

Visual Lookup

This is one of the best features in iOS 17 which will allows users to look up visuals in paused video frames from where they can identify food, storefronts, signs, and symbols, and lift individual subjects from photos and videos.


StandBy is an iOS 17 feature that makes use of the always-on display for better visibility of your device when your iPhone is locked, charging, and positioned horizontally. StandBy can be activated anytime by tapping on the screen. With iPhone 14 Pro, this feature is always available.


This feature will make your typing experience all the more easier with a fresh design, sentence level auto corrections and auto-fixing of grammatical errors. The predictive words and sentence recommendation will make the task easier as you start typing with iOS 17.


All iPhone users have the Airdrop feature on their devices. With iOS 17, now the users can easily share their contacts by simply brings their iPhones or iPhone and Apple watch together.

New Features in Messaging App

The Messaging app now gets an all-new expandable menu that can be accessed with a single tap on your iPhone. The iMessage App now looks sleeker and includes precise search filters that makes your search intents more search centred.

Check In Feature

Make your family and friends stress free with the iOS 17 Check In feature. This feature instantly notifies your dear ones once you check in to your destination. Even if you don’t make any movement, necessary info such as the device’s location, battery level and cell service status will be temporarily shared with the selected contact.

Siri not “Hey Siri”

Now Siri is modified. To command your phone, no more you have to say “Hey Siri,” just say “Siri” and it will start following your commands. Once activated, multiple commands can be  ensued at one go without the need of reactivating the assistant.

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