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Big news for iPhone users, Update your Phone immediately to prevent Pegasus attack

When there is any big global hacking and Apple is affected by it, questions arise on the security of Apple devices, because the company always boasts of high security for all its devices. Few days ago a big spying was materialized in which many iPhones also were tracked, in other words to say hacked. Before this the billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos’s iPhone was also hacked through the Pegasus spyware.

Now just before the launch of iPhone 13, Apple has rolled an update which will block the ZERO CLICK SPYWARE. In simple words, your iPhone will again become hack proof after this update. Before this also Apple has rolled many updates like this. The University of Toronto Citizen Lab had first told that iPhone is prone to ZERO CLICK SPYWARE attack.

This spyware had affected every device starting from iPhone to Mac to Apple watch. The Citizen Lab at that time had opined that with the help of Pegasus a spyware was injected to the iPhone of an official from Saudi Arabia. Apple has said in its blog that it has rolled the updates named iOS 14.8 and iPadOS and post these updates the Zero Click Spyware risk will be contained.

Worth mentioning that today on September 14, Apple organizes the biggest event of the year which will start at 10.30pm. Apple in this event will launch iPhone 13, Apple watch series 7 and new AirPods. A new leaked report conveys that Apple in this event will launch 4 iPhones named as iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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