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Coronavirus: Facebook donates $100 Million Dollar to News Industry in America

Now the entire world is in the grip of Coronavirus. Different institutions across the globe are trying their level best to help people overcome this deadly pandemic. In between Facebook, the leading Social Media platform has come forward for help. Facebook has provided financial assistance of $100 million to America’s news industry in this difficult time.

Informing the media, Facebook said that they want to help the news industry. For this, they have created a fund for journalism project under which $25 million will be given to the industry. Simultaneously, Facebook aims at helping the journalists at their best during this crucial period.

Besides, the Social Media giant also has announced $75 million of further assistance. In first phase, 50 newsrooms in the United States and Canada have been given this financial help. With this amount, the Publishers will completely cover the Corona Virus pandemic. This amount includes their journey during the period.

Undoubtedly, this is a great step by the Social Media giant which will inspire the industry workers to work more effectively during the crucial time.

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