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Download TheftSpy APK to protect Android phone


As technology grows the fraud walks beside it. We mean to say that due to technology development the security bridge is 100 percent. Smartphones are the best technology to mankind.  Because we not only call but also keep our personal contact list, SMS, videos, notes and other documents. We also use smartphone to find things on internet or nearest hospital. But when your phone got in wrong hands can be dangerous.  Well minimizing the risk is the right thing you can do to your phone.

To avoid the risk factor, the developer has released a new unique featured app called AntiTheft app. This android app tracks as well as provides antitheft SMS reader system. Here user has to download the app from given link and install in phone. Then go to TheftSpy.com site and make themselve register. Following the instruction and filling the places with right information. Do not give fake numbers or information because it won’t be helpful in real-time search. Then activate the app by calling “127001”.

This Theft Spy app will trace the GPS and send you the SMS. This app will run in background and when it is stolen, go to website and go through the instructions. The app will securely take all the pictures, videos and screenshot. After this it will lock or reboot the device if it’s switched off. It won’t work if the phone battery is low. The other feature includes wiping of data from SD card, photo gallery and Whatsapp content.

Features of TheftSpy android app:

  • GPS tracking
  • Take screenshots from front camera of the thief
  • Synchronize the images and delete information
  • Enable or diable keylock
  • Reset, reboot or switch off the device
  • And many more

In Google play store the app has been updated with several fixations. This includes login issue solved so as the modul camera and GPS. Many things have been added like compatibility, few Checkups for Premium as well as for free users. The 3-Day premium is removed and the entire premium features for free users enabled.

Special feature for paid users: The user after becoming premium user will get a chance of uploading 5GB data in TheftSpy account. The user has to have 878 KB free space to download and minimal of Gingerbread version.

Download TheftSpy.apk

Download TheftSpy from Google Play store

There are other Antitheft apps available in the Play store such as:

Anti-Theft GPS: Anti-Theft GPS by EVOSOFT has best tracking facility who steals mobile but it can be detected through GPS system. The app comes in paid version by paying $1 and download in any android devie. Download Anti-Theft GPS from Google Play store.

Prey Anti-Theft: This app has been hand picked by author. It has the best anti-theft technology by Fork Ltd. When your mobile is lost and the SIM is changed, automatically a message is send to other given mobile number and the location is tracked. The tracked information is said to you by mail and from its Prey site you can check every moment of you lost mobile tracks by help of satellite. The app is available for free and download from Google Play store.

Anti Theft Droid Free: This app will help you recover your stolen or lost android mobile. The app send you sms and finds the exact location and automatically activates the GPS. Activating the WiFi network is also easy. If you are scared of battery then it won’t affect much. When the SIM is changed the phone detects the information exchanged and files a report of your lost or stolen device. Download the Anti Theft Droid Free from Google Play store.

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