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Google Chromebook Pixel specifications and features

chromebook pixel

Google Chromebooks have always been a special allure to the global laptop users due to their reasonable hardware and access to Google’s web services. The reasonable price range is the other added advantage that is almost confined to $350.

But having introduced Chromebook Pixel Google has made it evident that it’s resolute to provide the best ever services to its users with improvised specs and no compromise in the design to inspire future innovations, within a reasonable price range. Let’s have a look on the features and specs of Google Chromebook Pixel.

The Chromebook Pixel is absolutely unique in its features. With a stunning 2560×1700 pixels touch screen display, an intel Core i5 processor and integrated Intel HD 4000 Graphics, it makes your Chromebook experience more smooth and exciting. Because of its 12.85 inch display with a 3.2 aspect ratio, you become able to watch crystal clear visuals, devoid of any blur. Its 178° extra-wide viewing angle assists you watch straight visuals from any corner of the room.

Added with in-built microphone array and powerful stereo speakers, it enables you to have the essence of theatrical sound backdrop within the four walls of your home. While its integrated DSP reduces noise pollution, its combo headphone jack makes your audio experience more rhythmic and extraordinary.

Manufactured with industrial design, the Chromebook is suitable for all sorts of users along with professionals. Its Gorilla® Glass multi-touch screen with clickable etched-glass touchpad technology makes you wonder in a dream land while browsing through the internet. Backlit Chrome keyboard is the other added feature that helps you enjoy flawless workouts even in dark nights.

For storage potentials, it features 4GB DDR3 RAM and One terabyte Google Drive cloud storage for three years along with 32 GB solid state drive. To keep you effectively connected to your dear ones, the laptop features integrated 720p HD camera and Dual-band WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n 2×2. Among other connectivity options, it supports 2 USB 2.0 ports, mini display port, SD / MMC card reader, Bluetooth 3.0 and built-in LTE modem that reduce the pain of being away from a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Chromebook Pixel is specifically designed for access to web-based apps and hence provides off-line access to Gmail, Google Docs, Calender, and locally stored images and videos. Apart, it provides 12 free sessions of Inflight Internet along with 100 MB/month for 2 years of mobile broadband from Verizon Wireless.

The Chromebook Pixel is available in the market with price range of just $1,299.  Now, it’s to be seen how much this laptop is goanna accepted by the users in the global market, in comparison with the so-called inexpensive, yet versatile laptops of other brands.

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