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Easy Contact Sync App Backups Contacts offline in Outlook, Android and more

Managing apps and saving them is easy these days and backing up without root is also in talk. There are many tools to backup and especially contacts are much important. If there are application already available in Google Play then what is the need of this Easy Contact Sync app? The reason is very simple you need no custom ROM rather download Easy Contact Sync app.

Easy Contact Sync is in its beta stage which means there is more we can get once it is fully developed.  The limitation has bounded the total use of the device, where at a time only 3 contacts can be back up and auto sync is disabled.

According to the developer, “Based on my last app ‘Easy App Toolbox’, I created this new app for handling your contacts. Contacts are saved as VCARDs (*.vcf files). This way they can easily be used in any other application that can handle VCARDs.”

Easy Contact Sync allows user to backup all the contacts without syncing to your Google account.  Download the application and install in android phone. Then launch the app and tap on backup. The app will create the backup of the file and save them in .vcf files. These files are normally known as vCrads and this format can be viewed in Outlook, Android and other files. Well, these vcards are stored in the cloud services or in your SD card and even in your PC. These automated functions can be a nice oomph functionality that share single or multiple contacts at a time to other devices.


  • Backup/Restore to/from Dropbox
  • Backup/Restore to/from Google Drive
  • Backup/Restore to/from Box.net
  • Backup/Restore to/from SD card
  • Auto Sync (automatically backup all contacts every night at 0:00)
  • Directly send/share one or multiple contacts

In Google Play store the app has been updated that includes:

What’s in this version:


Unified the existing 2 in-app purchases to 1 premium-purchase that now unlocks all premium features. Users who have already purchased one of the existing IAPs automatically now have everything unlocked. If you had purchased both IAPs, contact me to get a refund for one of them!

Now compatible with Google TV (some clould service SDKs doesn’t support Google TV!!!)


Just updated the IAP dialog text

Download Easy contact sync app from Google play store

Other Backup contacts apps:

Super Backup: SMS & Contacts: It is a fast backup tool that backup’s apps to sd card and restore them after rooting. It also backups and restores Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card. Basically it is usefull app that is available for free. Download Super Backup: SMS & Contacts from Google Play store.

Backup contacts: Backup contacts app restores contacts when imported the CSV file from Google contacts and sysnc back to the device. It also restores facebook contacts as well as Google account contacts. It is very popular app and been downloaded by 50 million users. Download Backup contacts from Google Play store.

Sprite Backup: Sprite comes in paid version and you only have to pay $5. It can only be downloaded in Gingerbread and higher version. The main work of the app is to backup media content. You can also schedule the data to backup and encrypt them too. It is been trusted by many users so you must download it too. Download Sprite Backup from Google Play store.

Carbon- App Sync and Backup: This app is available in fee as well as paid version. The free version backups and restore from sd card and from computer too. It requires 2.3 MB free space to get downloaded. Download Carbon- App Sync and Backup from Google Play store.


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