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Extension Automation: to Automatically Disable or Enable Extensions for Specified Website


Extension Automation is a simple but useful extension, specially designed for Google Chrome browser to enable and disable specific extensions for certain websites. It helps the user to create rules for the frequently visited websites, so that the user can easily manage other extensions by automatically enabling or disabling them. This extension helps reduce the visual disorder of other extensions and stops them from running unnecessarily in the background.

Extension Automation allows the users to define the rules in the “Options” tab or on the fly, while visiting the website. User can even export the extension preferences and rule list by pasting the code in a text document. It also kees track of all the opened tabs and improves speed and performance of the browser.

Features of Extension Automation:

  • Enable OR disable an extension on certain pages.
  • Keeps track of all your open tabs.
  • Improves speed and performance
  • Improved interface
  • Able to import/export functionality (via copy and paste)

How to use Extension Automation:

  1. Download Extension Automation
  2. Install the extension (to install the extension you need to drag and drop the downloaded file in the Extensions tab).
  3. Click on the new button at the top of your browser, from here you can quickly add new website addresses or keywords to monitor.
  4. Extension Automation will automatically activate the chosen extensions for the specified keywords.
  5. Click on “View Settings” in the popup menu to see your current entries and tweak them.

This Extension is much usefull when you have installed a lots of add-ons or extensions in your system. It will help you to easily manage the extensions and improve the performance by reducing clutter. It also reduces the background activity of select extensions to speed up your browsing experience.

It is will also be proved useful when you have some favorite add-ons, which you love to use but they create problem on particular websites. You can disable those extension on that website. When you install any extension, you can set up extensions to run only on limited sites by adding them to a list. You can download this Chome extension from the follwing link.

Download Extension Automation from the Chrome Web Store.

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