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How to Enable Tab Audio Indicator in Google Chrome


Five months ago the Audio Indicator feature has been introduced in Google Chrome browser to identify the tabs that are presently playing audio or recording it. But still it has not really been enabled, as Google is still working on the feature. The audio indicator feature is mainly useful when you have to restore a previous session of Chrome having a lot of tabs. Some of the tabs may load videos or commercials with sound and start playing them right away, Audio Indicator will help you to immediately find out from where the sound is coming and you can turn it off.

It will show an animated favicon in the tab indicating that audio is playing in it. It works best on YouTube, but unfortunately not works for embedded YouTube videos and on many other sites which use audio or video. Perhaps because of this reason Google has not enabled the feature yet.

But still it is an interesting feature and all the Chrome users will be very excited to use it. If you also want to have the benefits of the Audio Indicator feature in your Google Chrome right now, you need to activate the feature manually by manipulating the Google Chrome shortcut on your computer and adding the parameter audio notifier “–enable-audible-notifications” to it. You can follow the steps below to activate the Audio Indicator feature in Chrome.

To Activate Audio Indicator feature in Chrome

  1. Find out the Google Chrome shortcut that you use to run the browser. The most likely location is the start menu or the taskbar.
  2. Right-click on the icon and then select properties from the context menu.
  3. Add a space at the very end of the target line and paste the “–enable-audible-notifications” afterwards.
  4. Restart Google Chrome to enable the audio notifications.

After tweaking the Google Chrome shortcut on your computer you can test the feature in You Tube. When Google will fully enable the feature it will help the users to label the chrome tabs which are playing or recording audio. If you find the article is useful to you, you can leave your comment bellow.

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