Extremety attained by sons to save the life of their Father; Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

The title might seem bit funky. You might hardly understand what we want to say in this story. But this is at least understood , the story revolves around the adventurous attempts attained by two sons to save the life of their dying father. This is what everyone would like to take a look at as it’s attached to human feelings and emotions. But one question must be in your mind, what happens next? Well, let’s explain.

brothers a tale of two sons

In fact, a new game named “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” has recently been enlisted to the Play Store which is about the two brothers (who are actually sons of a single father) move on an adventurous journey to save the life of their dying father. To save the life of their father they need to claim the magic elix which itself is a life threatening and hazardous component to achieve. They have nothing to support them apart from a diagram of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth and self-courage. There where the story moves on.

The game actually was released in 2013 for the Xbox 360, but now it has been further propagated to the mobile platform. If considered from the controlling of the game in mobile platform, things might prove tough for you as lots of options are not available for the for console ports. In spite of this, the game is rated high and is top-notched. Both the users and reviewers gives it a high thumbs up! Because the game is attached to human emotions and feelings, so it touches everyone’s sentiments. Even some claim that the game has put them into tears.


The game has been awarded with a number of awards this year including Game of the Year, BAFTA, DICE and many others. This game is available in the Play Store at $2.99 and it’s the promotional rate. The game will be available at the Play Store for a little time. But if you think that you will get the app in a cheaper price, then this opportunity will never be available for you. ‘Coz this is the most demanded game of the year, hence is available at this promotional price. At this price you get the full game and no in-app purchases are there. So if you are desperate to purchase this game, then follow this link at the Google Play Store.

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