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Google Keep: The New Note-taking Service from Google

Google Keep

Of late, Google introduced its latest note-keeping service Google Keep which at present is available on Google Play for devices running on Android 4.0, Ice cream Sandwich and above. The tool has been developed with an aim to assist the users in enlisting their reminders and lists, devoid of a physical notepad. Google had given a brief of the app earlier this week in Drive also. Since it’s on Drive, your notes are automatically synced between the website and the Android app. So, the task of storing data or recollecting your essential details is no more a chore.

The app reduces the strain of your mind and helps you get your notes on your hand, no matter wherever you go. Creating a Checklist, entering a voice memo or snapping a photo is no more a chore. You can add everything within a few seconds in your mobiles and desktops with the help of Google Keep. So what you can do with Google Keep? Let’s have a brief look.

  • Record your thoughts via notes, lists and photos
  • Transcribe voice notes into text via its transcription tool
  • Capture your thoughts using homescreen widgets
  • Add colour to your notes to find them later
  • Archive or delete notes in case of no longer need
  • Add checkboxes to turn a note into a checklist
  • Use notes from anywhere you want
  • No chance of missing notes as they are stored safe in the cloud and are available at (http://drive.google.com/keep).

In this version you will also get some new features that include creating audio notes and adding photos to a note as per your need. You can hide and show checkboxes to get your notes shown in checkable lists. Its homescreen and lockscreen widgets (lockscreen widgets necessitate Android 4.2 and up) allow you to create notes directly.  You can select colour for notes as per your preference.  Safe sync of notes to Google Drive and other devices is the best feature of the app.You can use notes directly from (http://drive.google.com/keep).

While the special features of Keep seems to have been developed for all, but the enthusiasts will definitely take a better note of the features. Do you count yourself one among them? Then start installing the app in your device and take benefit of this unified app. You will be able to do your necessary activities directly from Google Drive from the following week.

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