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Google Local Search: Check what’s trending in your neighborhood

Google in a first of its kind move has announced the year end search listings and it's a must to take a look at.

Now that the year 2022 is approaching its end, so the companies have started giving the year in review and Google is not left behind. The Mountainview giant for the first time has announced the “Year in Search 2022” giving insights into the global search trend throughout the year along with the top search trends.

For some quick insights, Wordle positioned number 1 in the global search while Ukraine turned to be the top trending topic and Johnny Depp being the top searched person . Jonny again bagged this fame as with regard to “top actor” searches. As the top sports figure, Djokovic bagged the limelight with Thor: Love and Thunder named as the top searched movies and Euphoria the top TV shows.

Similarly, Queen Elizabeth ranked top in searches with the search term “people who passed away this year” with “पनीर पसंदा” (paneer pasanda) being the top searched recipe. This is the global search data, but users can also find the top searched data in their region by refining the list. For instance, if someone wants to check the top search trend in India, then they can do so by selecting India from the Global list.

What’s more interesting is that Google also releases a list of local trends. That means, users can search and check the most popular search terms in their immediate area. But as of now this feature is limited only to the users in the United States. Hopefully, Google in the coming days will make this feature global so that local users across the globe would get benefit out of this.

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