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Google Maps for Android gets the new Parking Difficulty Feature

Google, as all we know is quite fast in bringing new opportunities and updates for users, now one more new feature has been added to the line up. The Google Maps has got a brand new feature called “Parking Difficulty” for the Android users, though it is limited to selected metros in the United States of America only. Google is rolling this feature in the US in experimental basis and once fool proved will be made available for the users across the globe.

The official revelation from Google confirms that the facilities is available only in the US metros named San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, DC, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, Portland and Sacramento.

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The above mentioned 25 metros only have got this feature and on Thursday Google revealed the above are the metros in which this feature has been rolled. Ensuring this Google on  Thursday, Google wrote on its official blog, “in 25 metro areas throughout the US, we’ve introduced a new parking difficulty icon in Google Maps for Android that’ll give you a heads up on what kind of parking crunch to prepare for when you’re on the go.”

Now question arises how to use this feature? In fact this is very simple. The report revealed last week says that you can mark the parking availability on your display with a small rounded “P” icon just next to the travel duration in the app. This Map has three levels i.e. Limited, Medium, and Easy. If there is limited parking availability, then the icon turns Red, else it remain blue. As a user, you can further expand the directions to get more details on the parking availability.

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Writing on the usage of the App, Google writes “To see how hard it might be to park where you’re headed, just get directions to your destination and look for the parking difficulty icon in the directions card at the bottom of the screen. Parking difficulties range from limited to medium to easy and are based on historical parking data (similar to how we calculate Popular Times and Visit Duration).”

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But if you are a user of the Google Map and reside any country other than the US, then you have to wait still this update hits your region. So keep visiting BlogZamana to know when it hits your region. We shall let you know as soon it hits.

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