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Google Play Services Updated to Version 4.4, APK Download Available

The ingenious update of Google Play services, namely Google Play services 4.4, has been released with many new changes, exciting features, and awe-inspiring functions changing users’ whole outlook towards it.  Many brilliant aspects can, now, be noticed in various Google apps like game services, maps, mobiles ads, etc.

From the many marvelous changes that this update has brought about, the one standing out is the Google Maps API which now includes Street View in it. This will enable developers to embed images of street view and panorama view in their self-designed apps which in turn will increase the value of the app usage by enabling users to explore corners of the world through panoramic 360 degree views. Also, in this feature, the zoom and street camera orientation can be programmatically controlled and the camera movements can be animated over a given time. Wow, shrinking the world into one familiar place just got easier and more exciting, of course.

And there is more to this too. The indoor Maps feature of API is also more enhanced now. In addition to enabling the users to turn the default floor –picker off, users are made capable to detect new structures coming into focus, and find the currently active structure.

Another brilliant addition in the update is the incorporation of two new activity detectors to the Location API namely walking and running. In the earlier version, users could detect if the device was in a bicycle or vehicle or was tilted and now with the new addition the app is made more flexible and responsive when it comes to creating motion-based Apps. Further more, it will enable users to know the precise time for reaching a certain place if they choose to walk or run.

In the gaming section too, some changes are evident. Previously, the game gifts were introduced which allowed users to request for gifts in games. With this update, users can now select multiple Game Gifts recipients, thereby, permitting more interaction between gamers.

Next change we can encounter is in the Mobile ad section. This has been very brilliantly formulated to enable publishers to display in-app promo advertising content featuring products for sell that users can straight away buy without taking the trouble to open new browsers or apps.

These are just few of the prominent changes that can be seen in this new version of the Google Play services with many more features waiting to be explored. This version will soon reach all users. However, if you want to try out this smartly updated version of Google Play services now, download it for the given link. (https://mega.co.nz/#!V0chFKKB!Rqn6Hvq2FaDy2puMR3V-Q1YeJ94dhpA8edz3k90lFZs).

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