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Govt that charge penalty for creating fake accounts in Social Media

With the growing usage of Social Media new type of problems are getting created every single day. One among those is using filthy and vulgar languages in Social Media. If you are too connected to Social Media, then at times you might have faced such filthy languages in Social Media platforms. Right? But no more the people of Vietnam are going to suffer from this. Soon, the Vietnamese Govt. is taking strict action against such hatred activities in Social platforms.

Some Social Media authorities on Friday confirmed that the Vietnamese govt. will charge fine to users who would use filthy language for any individual or organization in Social Media. According to Xinhua news, the Ministry of Information and Communication in Vietnam has rolled a notice that confirms if any Internet user publishes any wrong news on Social Media, defames the reputation of any organization or any individual then he/she will be fined 30-50 million Vietnamese dong.

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This fine will also be applicable to those Internet users who publicize the secret information of companies without their permission, elaborate accidents in details, or hype superstition going beyond the traditional values of Vietnam. Apart, users who open fake accounts will also face equal issues. According to the new notice from Vietnam Govt. if any Social Media user uses the name, photo or information of any other user to create a fake account, then they will also be fined 10-20 million dongs.

So if you are an Internet and Social Media user residing in Vietnam, then you need to take note of these info. Else you might be the one to be sued by your Govt.

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