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Has Huawei really out-topped Apple in global Smartphone Sale?

Apple is considered to be one of the biggest brands in Smartphone manufacturing across the globe. Not only Smartphones, but Apple has enlarged it’s empire with a variety of electronics products that include MacBooks, iPads, iPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch and many more. But it’s absolutely popular in the market for its iPhones that are extremely popular in terms of durability, performance and layout. And it’s the most sought out product ever in the global Smartphone scaling.

But if we will say you that Huawei, the Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company claims that it has out-topped Apple in global selling of Smartphones during a month the previous year. Though the news seems to be unbelievable, but the company claims it to be true. Ensuring the chastity of the matter, the Huawei India product center Director Allen Wang said, “Huawei Overtook Apple in global sales volume share in December.”

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As per the reports received from Huawei official sources, the Chinese manufacturing company achieved 1.2 percent more in global Smartphone sales than Apple which is 13.2 percent of the global sale. This achievement was made in the last month of 2016. Huawei’s Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu has made it evident before that the company aims at superseding Apple in global Smartphone shipments in a couple of years and this can be the first sign that perhaps the company has started achieving its aim.

Of course, Huawei’s shipments in the last quarter of 2016 is quite impressive as the company claims to have shipped more than 139 million units the previous year. But still the fact that Apple has been left behind in Smartphone sales is undigested. While there is no monthly calculation source to determine the shipments made by Smartphone manufacturers every single month, it’s doubted how Huawei can be so particular on monthly shipment data.

Clarity is yet to be made on the fact. But you keep visiting BlogZamana to get further updates on this competition.

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