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How to Disable or Terminate the Background Apps Running on Android


Without apps the Android phones are boring! When Google Play Store offers so many interesting apps, why we should not install these apps on Android phones? But these apps play a vital role to drain the battery of your Android device. There are many apps that may run in the background without your permission and knowledge. One of the drawbacks of Android OS is that without opening the Task Manager, you will not able to know which apps are running in the background. The apps which are running in the background keep the processor busy and occupy vital memory space that causes slowing down the phone and decreasing the battery life.

To stop these apps from running in the background, you can terminate these apps and even can permanently disable them. To know which apps are running in the background, you have to open the task manager. The quickest way to open the task manager is, tap and hold the Home button in your android device, until the list of recently started apps will appear. -> now tap on the task manager symbol -> It will display a list of all the active applications with its name and the amount of RAM and CPU it is using at the time -> to terminate the application your can tap on end to the corresponding application, or you can end all the apps by tapping on End all.

You can also use another method to disable or terminate the apps which are running in the background. Go to Settings in your Android phone -> Go to Application manager and select it -> Go to All Applications tab by swiping from right to left -> you will see a list of all the apps running in your phone with Android default apps,-> just tap on the app that you want to disable -> a window will appear with two options Force stop and Disable-> tap on Disable to disable the app or, tap on Force stop to temporarily stop the apps running in background -> A pop up will appear asking are you sure to terminate the app -> just tap OK. You can also use third party software but it may harm your device. Please comment if the above tips are useful to you.

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