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Do you regularly upload videos to Facebook? Good News for you

Are you a content creator? Do you produce and upload videos to Facebook pages on daily basis? Then good news for you. Now you people can earn money from these videos and your efforts will not go in vain. Of course, before you used to get reach and engagement. But now you will get a source of Income. Earning from the biggest Social Media platform Facebook is still a dream for many. But of course many others have already started earning from Facebook using the Facebook Audience Network.

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Now who are new to the term “Facebook Audience Network,” I must tell that this is the exclusive platform of Facebook where you can put both your Ads and also can use the Facebook Partner Ads to generate revenue. I myself have very good experience with the Facebook Audience Network as I have started earning good revenue (even better than Adsense at some pints) from Facebook Audience Network. Now this happiness is going to be double for me as recently Facebook announced the option of integrate both pre-roll and mid-roll ads in videos. That means I will have the opportunity to earn from videos too.

Now How can You activate the Instant Article page on your Facebook Page, I will let you know in one of my other articles. But this is for selected Audience Network Apps and Websites. Now if you are an advertiser, then this is a far better news for you as you can choose if you wanna place your ads in the Facebook page only or in the variety of apps and websites that Facebook is associated with. This step has been taken by Facebook keeping eye on Advertiser demands and its lately launched Video only platform “WATCH” which was launched last Thursday in the United States.

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Now this decision of Facebook to come up with an option to integrate video ads on in-stream placements in videos on the social networking platform will enlarge the hope of advertisers to reach their target audience at a better cost and will bring the publishers the opportunity of Indefinite Earning.

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