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How to Make Google Chrome Faster and Smoother


Google Chrome is a faster browser especially when it comes to JavaScript performance. But you can make it faster than ever by changing some advanced settings and installing useful extensions. Here are some tips and tricks to make your Chrome browser work faster for you.

Chrome includes many hidden experimental features called flags. These experimental options use your CPU and GPU to optimize the web browsing. To access these features, open your Chrome browser and type “about:flags” in the address bar. You can change the following options in that page.

  • GPU compositing on all pages (Change it from default to enabled)
  • Threaded compositing (Change it from default to enable)
  • Disable accelerated 2D canvas.
  • Enable override software rendering list.
  • Disable GPU VSync Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.
  • GPU-accelerated SVG filter (enable)
  • Disable accelerated CSS animations.

You can change these options at your own risk. Depending on your system’s configuration and the version of Chrome you are using, some of the options may or may not be enabled by default. And effect of these changes depends on the graphics drivers and OS updates, you’ve installed in your computer.

Extensions and plug-ins:
To make your Chrome faster you can download some extensions and plug-ins. Go to the Chrome Web Store, you can get a many useful extensions and plug-ins for Chrome. You can install extensions like FastestChrome, Google Quick Scroll, Chrome Toolbox etc in your system.

There are also many extensions which get added to Chrome without your knowledge or sometimes you install an extension but don’t use them. To check your extensions, go to “about:extensions” , you will get the list of extensions. Remove the extensions you are not using, and disable the extensions you are not using now, but may use in future. disable all the ones you do not use. If, for any reason, you need one in the future, you can go back and enable it again.

While browsing the net, there are many things that are saved in the Chrome including passwords, browsing history, download history, and cookies. This may be one of the reasons that slow down the browser. To delete these data click on the Chrome menu in the top right corner of the browser window -> click tools, and then select “Clear browsing data”.

If the above steps help you to make your Chrome faster and smoother, you can post your comment bellow.

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