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HTC Droid DNA to Get its First Update Soon


HTC is in all news these days. You must have come across the latest revelation of its upcoming product, HTC One. Well, we have something extra as well other than the ‘One’ topic to discuss. First, let’s focus on it and later move towards the HTC One. The latest news is that HTC’s much hyped Droid DNA is going to get the first upgrade for it. This is exciting as the device will get the major upgrades after being launched.

Best part of the upgrade is that it’s going to provide you surplus amount of bug fixes. These bug fixes are well inclined towards the problems the users have often reported. Apart, these have been made available to revamp the audio quality and add latest features. However, we want to inform that nothing has been mentioned yet about its launch. Anyhow, it’s expected to roll-out very soon.

The upgrade scheduled to release is version 2.04.605.2. The unfortunate part is that it still keeps the users at 4.1, which was expected to be 4.2. But, the numbers of bug fixes will of course swap away your mind from this type of issue. The added features are going to be exciting as well.

Special attentions have been given to the wireless connectivity and hence the users will definitely experience the comparatively stable connectivity. However, the support page doesn’t specify about this. Apart from this, the default browser is enhancing the zooming ability. You can hope about the improved Enhanced Recent Apps functionality as well. This upgrade is going to solve the problems with messages those show incorrect timestamp.

It is speculated that the Contact List has also been revamped with this update that makes it comparatively more stable. The most exciting part we wanna share is that the users are going to load Hulu Plus videos after the upgrade rolls out. We have mentioned about all the modifications those you are going to receive. The only thing you have to do is to wait for the notifications about its availability, as you normally do in case of other updates.

Seems, the company has decided to make this update a memorable one. It doesn’t want to leave any scope as it’s about to unveil the most buzzed device of the present time. We are talking about HTC One, which is expected to get unveiled on February 19th through a press conference. By the way, don’t forget to leave your comments when the upgrade reaches to you.

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