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Steps to Install Official Android 5.1 CM 12.1 Nightly (trltexx) ROM on Galaxy Note 4 LTE

Hello Galaxy Note 4 LTE users! Get set to ultimate your Android fun. The official Android 5.1 CM 12.1 Nightly (trltexx) ROM is right now available for you guys and you can install it right now on your handset to experience the Android superiority. Installing an official Custom ROM update to your Android handset will fix the existing bugs on your current firmware build and at the same time might bless your handset with some new features. But what you have to do to install this official ROM on your Galaxy Note 4 LTE, you must be thinking about that. Right? Just have a look below.

Remember, this tutorial is specially for the advanced Android users. So if you are a newbie and follow this procedure, then make yourself well prepared before. Never blame us later for any sort of issues that occur to your Android handset due to the update, because we don’t take that responsibility. So first understand things well and then only go for the update. Don’t mess up things.

NB: Before initiating the update, you need to root your Galaxy Note 4 LTE and install CWM Recovery in it. This is a must, else the update will be unsuccessful.


  • One Galaxy Note 4 LTE Smartphone
  • One Windows PC
  • Original USB Cable
  • Backup all your personal data such as SMS, MMS, videos, contacts, call logs, APN numbers, applications and other files since those might be erased.
  • Deactivate the antivirus or any other security protection from your PC for the time since that might create hindrance in the installation process.
  • Ensure that your device has at least 70% power back up before you initiate the installation process to avoid any sort of inconvenience during the installation.
  • Enable the USB debugging option in your Smartphone. To enable go to the Settings options. Forget not to disable USB Debugging post update.


Steps to Update

  • First of all download the above mentioned files and then connect your handset to your PC via USB. Then move the files to the SD card in your device.
  • Then you have to move your device into Recovery Mode.
  • In that mode select wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and wipe dalvick cache options from Recovery Mode menu to wipe data and clear cache from your device.
  • Next you have to flash the update files on your Galaxy Note 4 LTE. To do that click on the option Install zip from SD card and then select the .zip file that you moved to your storage in step 1. Then click Install and follow the screen instructions to flash the firmware on your device.
  • Follow the same procedure to install Gapps next.
  • Wait still the update finishes. Once finished, return to the main menu and click “Reboot System Now”. Your Smartphone will be rebooted into normal mode once the update is finished.

That’s all. You finally flashed the Android 5.1 Lollipop CM12 Nightly CM 12.1 Nightly (trltexx) ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE. The updated process is quite easy and shouldn’t face any difficulties while going through the update procedure. Still you find any issues, hesitate not to inform me in the comment section.

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