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Is Google’s Video Unblur Feature the Next Big Thing for Smartphone Cameras?

Google's Photo Unblur feature was a game-changer for users when it first came out last year, Read to know more!

Google’s Photo Unblur feature was a game-changer for users when it first came out last year. It allowed them to salvage blurred photos and make them usable. Although this feature remained exclusive to Pixel 7 series devices, Google might be developing a similar feature to fix blurry videos.

9to5 Recently, Google dissected a Google Photos APK and found a Video Unblur function. The Unblur feature did not function, despite the team’s efforts to compel the Interface to show up in the Photos app. New video overlays that might alter the colour and mood of videos were also discovered, but using these overlays had no effect. Despite this, the website makes the assumption that these capabilities may appear with the release of the Pixel 8 series of smartphones.

It’s crucial to note that there is no certainty that these features will make it to a final build of the programme because they were found as part of a deep dive into a recently published Google Photos APK. Yet given that Google I/O is just a few months away and that Google’s upcoming hardware may arrive, we might learn more about this functionality soon. If this capability could be made available to more smartphones in addition to the most recent Pixel models, that would be fantastic.

In brief, a recent APK for Google Photos was found to have the Video Unblur function of Google. Even though it’s unclear if this function will appear in a future version, it seems promising. For users who frequently end up with useless material, the ability to correct fuzzy movies could be a game-changer. In the future, we expect to learn more about this function and that it will be widely accessible on a variety of devices.

Source: 9to5

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