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Jio1GB Data Price slashed, Take a brief look

Finally, Reliance has made changes to the price of its 1GB Data structure. Yes, it has been confirmed from the official sources. These plans were initially revealed by the company on Friday. This new price cut will make Jio’s 1GB data per day pack available at a significantly low price of Rs. 149 and it will offer 28GB data for 28 days. Similarly, reliance has also introduced its 1.5GB data plan per day for the prepaid users. This data plan will be made available at different card rates. Let’s have a look.

First of all comes the Rs. 198 tariff plan which will provide 42GB data for 28 days i.e. 1.5GB data per day. The slightly bigger offer costs Rs.398 with 100GB data for 70 days. The Rs.448 data plan will offer 126GB data for a tenure of 84 days and the Rs.498 plan will be offering 136GB data with 91 days validity. All these data plans come under the category of 1.5GB data per day plan.

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Similarly, Reliance has also slightly improved the 1GB data per day packs that include Rs.149 tariff plan with 28GB data and 28 days validity, and the Rs.349 plan with 70GB data for 70 days. Similarly, the Rs.399 tariff plan will pack 84GB data for 84 days and the Rs.449 tariff plan will 91GB data for 91 days. So if we compare these new 1GB per day data plans with the previous plan, then we can better mark the difference.

As claims Jio, these new data plans will offer more 50% data benefit than the previous tariff plans. Do you agree to this statement of Jio? Forget not to share your views in for or against.

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