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While the Google I / O conference is first approaching, more news about the next generation of Android is on the air. First of all, we are sure that Google is developing the next generation of the Android system, Android of 5.0, code-named the Key Lime Pie. According to some sources, the next generation of Google Android system will be based on the Linux kernel v 3.8, the latest stable release at the kernel.org, the Linux kernel developer hub. Reportedly, the android devs are now busy improving memory management, and the overall efficiency and performance of the whole system.

Taking into account the Nexus 4 sale at the end of last year, this year’s Google I / O above, it seems that we may not see the Nexus 5 coming. There are rumours about the Google X-Phone, if true, will become the first of the devices to run on Android 5. Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola also gives a firm base to this rumour. Meanwhile, official sources say that Samsung will bring the Android 5.0 update to its popular Note 2 phablet. They also have released an entire list of possible candidates that will receive the over the air upgrade to Android 5.0 “Key Lime Pie”.

With the Google I/O conference drawing near, many more rumours about the new features in Key Lime Pie are taking surface. We expect that Key Lime Pie will require more powerful and sophisticated hardware to run, most probably a 1 GHz+ or a quad-core CPU. We also expect that Google will make Chrome its default browser in Key Lime Pie. Chrome is already out there since a while and it’s faring well. Google also has plans to integrate a complete social and communication solution in the next morph of the bot.

The search giant is also planning to acquire the popular IM client WhatsApp for a whopping $1 Billion. Though the negotiation is still going on, there are indications that the price may go much higher. Much likely we’ll also see some new improvements and changes to the user interface. The user interface of Android is gradually becoming flat with every release, with less shadows, less blur behinds and less gradients, more or less like the Windows Phone user interface with smoother transitions and animation effects.

Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean” brought the ability to place widgets on the lock screen. However, the downside was that we could not use any widget and are restricted to use only the widgets specially developed for placing on the lockscreen. Moreover, switching between widget pages was a bit cumbersome. We expect this to change with the release of Android 5.0, allowing us to place any standard widget on the lockscreen which will allow us to place all important information to be placed in direct view, without first having to unlock or swiping your lockscreen.

If not, then we’ll certainly see some more widgets for placing on the lockscreen. The user interface might also be a bit brighter. It may shift away from dark colours to a brighter look. The recent update of Google Play has revamped its look and feel. Now it has a more brighter background with more focus on content. We expect Key Lime Pie to follow the same suite. The backgrounds may become white or white smoke instead of classic glossy black.

The Google I/O conference is scheduled to be held on May 15 till May 15 at San Francisco. We expect that Google shall launch Android 5 during this event like what it did for jelly Bean last year. What do you expect from Key Lime Pie. Let us know with a simple comment. And remember to stay tuned to BlogZamana for more exciting  updates on Android 5.0 “Key Lime Pie”.

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