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Kitkat is Coming to Galaxy S3

Good news is in the air. It has been reported that smart phone maestro Samsung has just released the much-awaited Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 users and very soon it is expected to hit the markets for everyone everywhere around the globe. The Galaxy S3 which is dubbed as one of the fastest phone of the slot is scheduled to release the update sometime next week in Europe with the rest of the world following soon after.

The multi-touch, slate-format Samsung device was initially launched with Android 4.0.4 ‘Ice cream Sandwich’ and later was given an update of the android 4.3 ‘Jelly Bean’. And now, it’s all set to receive the raving update of the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Samsung Galaxy S3 will be seen in the new KitKat attire starring typical changes associated with the KitKat version. A new full screen mode along with default App settings allowing users to know which app is used for which specific task, location settings letting the user know which location features make use of battery and thus, allowing them to enable or disable them according to their needs and other modest improvements are the most prominent of the changes to be seen in the S3 set after the upgrade. Also, better battery life, full screen album art on the lock screen and wireless printing support are presumed.

The device will, obviously, be a great deal faster than before because the KitKat version requires less memory usage and is optimized better. Some sites also report that the latest android firmware has already hit certain areas of the world. So it is best for all Samsung S3 users to stay open-eyed for the update to arrive for their device.

We, at Blogzamana, will get you the update as soon as it officially hits the market along with tips to update it manually. So, keep visiting our site regularly to stay updated about further news of this and to get to know the latest android news and updates.

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