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Kiwix: To Access Wikipedia Offline on Computer and Android devices


Wikipedia don’t need any introduction, this is the most famous free encyclopedia on the web. Now you can access Wikipedia offline. I am going to inform you about a small and portable application called Kiwix, which will help you to access the Wikipedia offline. You can use it on Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Linux based computer, and even on Android devices. It works like a web browser and lets you to browse the Wikipedia exactly as if you were online, you can create bookmarks, navigate through the tabs, open the history, zoom in and zoom out the content and even use browser shortcuts.
Kiwix don’t need to be installed, you can save a copy in your hard disk, USB flash drive or in DVD, and use whenever needed. Kiwix is localized in more than 80 languages, so you can translate the content in your local language. Kiwix has its own library, at each start you will be asked to check out the newest available libraries, then it will display a list of Wikipedia-related libraries to be download in your system. The list of libraries is displayed with their name, icon, size, and the day it has been created. You can click on the download button to download any library in your system. The Kiwix library supports sorting, filtering and searching features to quickly find the content you want to find.
The full text search engine of Kiwix helps you to quickly find the content you are searching for and shows the results in a similar way like your favorite Web browser. When you type anything in the search box a title suggestion system dynamically pops up and proposes articles with corresponding title. Kiwix is integrated with a HTTP/Web server that can be started on demand, directly from the Kiwix UI. It also helps you to share content on your LAN then other of that network can access your content with their browser, without installing Kiwix or downloading any ZIM file. You can even share the content on the Internet. As Kiwix is an open source project it uses only open protocols like HTTP,Bittorrent and Metalink to exchange data on the net.

Download Kiwix.

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