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Latest Top Android Apps launched on Playstore 2015

Blogzamana brings you the top and latest apps in the Android world. You have to visit the Google Play Store to download these apps. Some are free of cost and some come with a price. Check out these apps, we are sure that you will definitely find these worthy.

Custom Quick Settings [Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Custom Quick Settings is an application for power users of Android Marshmallow. You will get the power to edit and create your own tiles in Quick Settings.  You can launch apps and shortcuts . It comes with cursory Tasker support.

Drivemode[Price: Free]

Drivemode can be good app for use in your car. It provides swipe gestures and large, colorized buttons. You will able ride safely and not get distracted at any time.  You can do a lot of tasks with this app like listening music, taking phone calls, replying texts etc.

Adobe Capture CC and Adobe Illustrator Draw( Price :Free)

Adobe has come up with two new Android apps- Adobe Capture CC and Illustrator Draw. The apps can be of great use to the photography enthusiast and designers The Capture CC has the capability to create various shapes, brushes, stamps and much more. It comes with Adobe Creative Cloud support. The Illustrator Draw can be used for your creativity with Layers, zoom and many other tools.

Youtube music[Price: Free, $9.99/month]

Google released YouTube app completely focused on Music. When you hit the search box, you will find just music videos. This has also many  features for the music lovers and will definitely enjoy this

Pintasking Price:[Full version $3.99.]

Pintasking is aone of a kind  application that keeps your apps open in a floating button. Your apps are always ready at the side of your  screen and you can open and work with the apps whenever you want.

Signal private messenger [Price: Free]

Get the security and the privacy you desire with the Signal Private Messenger is a newer messaging service. It can keep your messages encrypted and private. It is very simple app and you can use it with ease.

Wonderwall [Price: Free]

If you want breathtaking photographs as your wallpapers and background then Wonderwall will be a great choice. It houses a plethora of pictures for you. You will also have the option to automatically set a new background every day.

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