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Make Your Christmas More Jubilant with the ‘Adaptxt’ Revolutionary Keyboard

XMAS theme land

The digital revolution in India is amazingly impacting our festivals making them more expressive, engaging and attractive. ‘Adaptxt’, the revolutionary Keyboard app from KeyPoint Technologies® welcomes the festive spirit by introducing the special Adaptxt Christmas Keyboard for smartphone which is in line with the festive celebrations spread all across the world. The special Adaptxt Christmas Keyboard for smartphone is designed to let you get into the celebratory mood on the auspicious “festival of love and brotherhood”.

The visually brilliant Christmas theme is designed with a combination of vibrant colour scheme which captures the essence of the festival in its full might. Free to download from the Google Play Store, the Adaptxt Christmas Keyboard lets you soak up Christmas celebrations in the best of spirit.

The special Christmas theme, a unique feature of Adaptxt allows the users to customize the colour combinations of the keyboard, in line with the spirit associated with Christmas making it a pertinent expression of the celebratory season. With the colour customization option, the user can either save the new theme or reset back to the existing theme from Keyboard customization window as well, giving them complete control on the application utility.

In a world where smartphone users are constantly in search of newer vistas of effective interaction, Adaptxt offers a smart keyboard app which is all about Effortless Communication.  With growing acceptance of the mobile messaging eco-system, effective communication has become the need of the hour which coupled with pertinent & effortless communication needs have become the mainstay of the mobile business of the world. Rush to download your new Christmas keyboard and wish your Smartphone and the world a Merry Christmas.

Adaptxt is a next-generation virtual keyboard provides significant advantages compared to stock keyboards. It is powered by a Predictive Text2.0 engine that enables accurate and relevant next word prediction, error-correction & word completion inputs by combining the best of artificial intelligence and computing technology.

Adaptxt offers to its users Language Dictionaries which provide multilingual suggestions to users who need to move quickly between different languages during text input. It also brings in Industry-Specific Dictionaries wherein a bank of 35 industry specific dictionaries provide industry-specific terminology, acronyms, company names and web addresses to the user; along with SMS Dictionaries which predict SMS shortcuts to help users in quickly communicating in their SMS language.

Adaptxt is available for free download from Google Play Store and works with any smartphone running Android 2.1 or later. Adaptxt 2.0 works with any tablet running Android 2.2 or later.

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