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Tutorial to Flash Official CM 11 Nightly Android 4.4 ROM for Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

verizon galaxy s4

Hello Samsung Galaxy S4 users! Here is a good news for all of you as the Official CM 11 Nightly Android 4.4 ROM is all set for installation on your device. I know after knowing this your curiosity will be on peek but wait before heading towards the installation process since there are some requirements that your device should have before the installation begins. These requirements are necessary as without these you will not be able to install this brand new ROM on your device. So, take a glance of the requirement list and make sure that your device fulfills of these requirements.


  • This post is only for those Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 devices which are rooted and factory unlocked.
  • The latest version of CWM Recovery is needed to be installed on your device.
  • Make a NANDROID backup for the ROM that is already installed on your device.
  • To boot the device in normal mood with CM 11 Nightly Android 4.4 ROM “factory reset is needed.
  • Make back up for all the data present on your device.
  • Sync all your contact details with your Gmail account in order to recover these details.
  • Enable USB Debugging option on your device.
  • There must be 50% battery on your device.

First ensure that you have fullfilled all recquirements and then follow the tutorial below given to install the ROM on your device.


  • First you have to download the custom ROM zip.
  • Then, download Gapps for Android 4.4 Custom ROMs.
  • Connect your device with your PC through USB cable and copy the zip files on your memory card.
  • Power off your device and boot into CWM recovery Mode.
  • When you switch into the CWM Recovery Mode, there you work is to make a NANDROID backup for the pre installed ROM.
  • Now, apply the “factory reset” option.
  • Now, install the CM 11 Nightly Android 4.4 ROM on your device.
  • Once the ROM is flashed, repeat the 7th step.
  • When the installation of both the files is completed, go back to custom Recovery Screen and reboot your Samsung Galaxy S4 in normal mode.
  • Enter your Google or CyanogenMod account in order to take control over your device.

That’s all about the installation of CM 11 custom ROM on your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4. If your device doesn’t fulfill the requirements given above then don’t try to go with this installation process. If you try to do that and lose important data saved on your device then, we can’t be blamed for that. So, be aware of these risks and follow each and every step as instructed in the tutorial. BlogZamana will never remain responsible for any damage that occurs to your device during installation. I hope you will be benefitted with the information provided in this post and will be able to install this amazing ROM on your device easily.

Note: Don’t forget to make a backup for your pre installed ROM as it will help you in case this new ROM stops working on your device or you want to get back to your previous ROM.

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