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Now No One can add you to WhatsApps Group without Your Permission

Almost all WhatsApp users complain on a unique issue that they are being added to different groups without their permission. Though users used to frequently complain on this issue, but no solution could found till date. However, finally WhatsApp has started work on a new feature that will allow the users to decide if they will be added to any group or not. I mean to say nobody can add you to any WhatsApp group without your permission.

In the presnt contest, if someone adds you to a group the you have the alternatives of either you quit that group or delete it. Now the company has started testing the new feature to keep its users away from this issue. After this feature goes public, you will decide if you will be added to any group or not.

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WABetaInfo has revealed about this new feature of WhatsApp in its official Twitter account. At this moment, the feature is only tested in iPhones. Soon this will also be tested in the Android Beta versions. According to WABetaInfo you can change the Settings fro this feature by going to the Privacy Settings of your WhatsApp. The steps will be Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

This new feature from WhatsApp will give you three alternatives. First is Everyone that means anyone can add you to any group. Second, the people who are in your Contact List can only add you to any groups. Third is Nobody that means once you activate this feature, no one can add you to any group. If someone wants to add you to any group, then he/she will send you an invite and once you approve this invite you will be added to the group. Validity of this invitation will be of 72 hours.

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