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Now send up to 100 photos and videos at a time in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has released a new update including the ability to send up to 100 photos or videos at a time, Read to know all the feature!

WhatsApp has released a new update with several new features, including the ability to send up to 100 photos or videos at a time, up from the previous limit of 30. Other features include the ability to add captions when sending documents, longer group subjects and descriptions, and the ability to create personalized avatars to use as profile photos and stickers. To enable the increased limit of media sharing, users need to update their WhatsApp application to the latest version and select more than 30 files in the app’s media selector. If they can select up to 100 such items, the feature has been enabled for them.

The new feature to allow people to share up to 100 media items in one go was first seen in WhatsApp beta for Android update. The app is also working on a new feature that will transcribe voice messages sent via the platform. This feature will display the transcript locally on the user’s device after downloading the relevant language packs. However, this feature is still under development and not yet available for beta testers.

Meanwhile, two individuals have filed a petition challenging WhatsApp’s deal with Meta to provide access to calls, photographs, texts, videos, and documents shared by users. According to Bloomberg and Mint Print, the petition seeks to challenge the data-sharing agreement between WhatsApp and its parent company, Meta, on the grounds that it violates users’ privacy. It remains to be seen how the case will play out, but it highlights the ongoing concern over data privacy and security among messaging app users.

Overall, the latest WhatsApp update brings a range of new features that make the app more versatile and user-friendly. While the new media-sharing limit is sure to be a popular addition for those who frequently share photos and videos, the transcript feature for voice messages is still in development and will be eagerly anticipated by many. However, the privacy concerns raised by the petition remind us that while technology can make our lives easier, it is important to remain vigilant about the data we share and who we share it with.

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